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How can JioMart transform an online shopping experience?


Reliance has to first become stable to do something new and make some changes as everyone is doing something new in terms of technology and services but first focus of jio will be to increase sales on existing model.

Jio mart will be able to scale up it’s shopping reach because of;

  1. Government support in any kind of procurement, tax relaxation, clearance etc.
  2. Reliance already has big branding and identity this will turn into their positive market response as e-commerce start-ups in India strugglein it’s initial phase.
  3. It has now partnership with Facebook Inc. so ads run on Facebook, instagram etc will benefit reliance and a kind of bias performance can be provided by facebook over other shopping sites, Reliance also has a huge contact data of many jio customers and it will use these phone numbers into targeting facebook, google ads, instagram etc. as per their spending capacity on their mobile recharge and high recharge spending customer will receive more ads on their social media as their paying capacity is good so they may purchase also using jio shopping. Second thing their database already has male- female mobile numbers thus targeting would be more specific for products this will help Reliance.
  4. Reliance will receive technical assistance from facebook due to collaboration thus it’s efficiency will increase which Tata clique is lacking at this time.
  5. Nationalist sentiments which are heavily prevailing in our society at this time will benefit domestic e-commerce over Foreign players like walmart and amazon. ( I am not saying it’s bad or good but it’s a fact which will benefit Reliance).
  6. At this time Amazon, flipkart have already made it’s branding in this particular e-commerce field which also caused the damage to small e-commerce start-ups players in past few years, as these big players provided excellence services like easy returns, fast delivery, better customer care services etc. as much as possible, and regular customers won’t be able to change their shopping platform that easy unless Reliance runs it’s operations successfully in initial phases and that’s the biggest challenge for Reliance as its USP.

What they have recently added to add local vendors with store is not a new concept as I know it’s a kind old packet with new lebal to gain support of local shops who were against ecommerce towards increasing capacity of online Shopping, the real thing is many local shops don’t want to sell online there are several reasons the biggest one is they don’t want to hire extra people to pack and manage returns, manage calls etc.

So there is no major difference but yes an investment in country and employment opportunities for many which everyone must welcome


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