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How do I order by WhatsApp in JioMart?


How do I use JioMart to order groceries on WhatsApp?

Steps to order from JioMart via Whatsapp

  • First of all, add JioMart’s WhatsApp number 88500 08000 on your phones.
  • Next, open the JioMart chat window in yourWhatsapp. It is a business account that describes itself as “a quick and easy way to order Grocery Essentials from your JioMart Kirana Store.”
  • It will then send you a link that’ll expire in 30 minutes. So, click on it before that.
  • Once you click on the link, you’ll be directed to a new page. Herein you must fill your address and phone number.
  • Thereafter, it will showcase a range of products from various brands (including Reliance Retail) that you can order.
  • You add to the cart and place the order, just like you do in other eCommerce shopping.
  • Your order is shared via WhatsApp with the registered local Kirana store. You, on the other hand, will receive a message with the order confirmation and the Kirana/JioMart store details. Additionally, you will be notified once the Kirana store generates a bill for your order.

Right now, cash on delivery (CoD) is the only payment option available and there is no home delivery option. So, this means you have to pick up the order from the store.


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